Meet our staff who will help dismiss fears at Neshaminy Valley Dentistry

Dr.Eisenbrock is a great doctor who tells you exactly what you need. He is able to be a great doctor because he has the support of a hardworking and professional staff.
Lets face it… a good staff is VERY important.

They communicate first with all patients and set a precedence for the office.

We set our standards high and we follow through with our commitment to ridding patients of their fears. Our mission is to create a practice where our patients leave reassured and optimistic. Dental problems are scary and pricey!( Which can be even more scary) and without dental insurance??? Forget it. Most people upon hearing the price will run away , even if they really need help!

Our in-house dental plans will assure you a comfortable option to take care of your dental health.

Communication is key . We can promise that our goal is to help.

At Neshaminy Valley Dentistry , we are honest and completely open about the extent of work we believe is necessary. Afterwards , communication between staff , doctor , and patients is encouraged. Concerns will be catered to.
After all , our specialty is “Catering to Cowards”.

Feedback is always appreciated as well. Our patient’s experiences are what mold our practice into a SAFE HAVEN for people who are done avoiding the dentist.

Take the first step with our lovely and professional staff.

You’ll be happy you did.

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Catering to Cowards

Our mission is to cater to peoples fears. Dismissing dental fears are important to a healthy outlook on your teeth. With regular care , we are able to prevent permanent damage to teeth and save time later on.
So any concerns and fears you have, bring them to our office and we guarantee that our methods will settle your worries.
We have sedation gas as an option for a calmer visit, if needed. Some patients have so much anxiety that this really allows them to see past their own fears.

No Insurance? We help with that as well. We have in-house dental plans specifically for those who have found themselves without insurance . It is vital that we dont ignore our teeth and gums for so many reasons… Gum disease can be hard to reverse , and it can be easy to contract when regular cleanings are not being done. Call us today , make an appointment . Still concerned? Have a free consultation with our hygienist Lauren , new patient coordinator , Candy , or Dr.Eisenbrock will take a look .

215-750-9955. Call today , you’ll be glad you made the first step towards a healthier smile 😃

Looking for a new dentist?

We offer in house dental plans, daily specials, new patient specials and giveaways!

Dr.Eisenbrock has continued lectures and furthermore he is up to date on technology for dentistry .

Our Staff at Neshaminy Valley Dentistry are all knowledgeable , professional and helpful. They love what they do and it shows in the way they connect with patients.

It is important to us that you find a dentist you can trust. We are a top competitor in the Bensalem area and we invite you to give us a call to find out more.

We make everything easy. No headaches! We always work with you and keep you fully informed , there are no hidden fees. fdaf1777157626f61bceaf07606dcf7e

Whats New at NVD

Up and coming news!

We understand people’s fear with dentistry. We also understand that the more information , the better.

We will be bringing a new patient assistant that is available mainly for any concerns you may have as a current patient or new patient.

For those who speak Spanish , we have Maria , who can help make things smoother.
Maria was born in Guatemala and moved to Atlanta , Georgia when she was 5.  If language is a barrier , dont fear to contact Maria.o-BILINGUAL-facebook

Para los nuevo pacientes que necesitan informacion , la persona para contactar va ser Maria . Maria nacio en Guatemala y llego a los Estados Unidos a los cinco anos. Ella esta lista para sus preguntas!