Meet Dr. Eisenbrock

Our Motto is “We cater to cowards” At Neshaminy Valley Dentistry , we cater to your needs and dismiss your fears. We understand that all patients have different concerns and we have no problem helping you however we can! Dr. Eisenbrock has been an exceptional dentist in the Bensalem area for 30 Years ! Looking for a new dentist and team to trust ? Call us today for more information on pricing and services .

We have a range of services that we offer . From dentures, veneers, root canals, gum disease and more , we have the technology and the experience to ensure that you have the best possible tooth care.


Dentistry is in constant motion and we believe it is imperative to continue learning  through educational classes so we ensure that every patient recieves comprehensive and advanced dental care.

Dr. Michael Eisenbrock graduated from Overbrook High School, which is famous for schooling Wilt Chamberlin and Will Smith. After graduating he attended Widener University where he received a bachelors of science degree.
Dr. Eisenbrock then attended Temple University School of Dentistry and graduated in 1976.

When not at the office, you can find Dr. Eisenbrock at La Luna in Bensalem studying dance, on the golf course, or horseback riding. He is quite a history buff and always has fun facts to share!

Born and raised in Philadelphia, the doctor is a frequent visitor to the city’s museums and historic places. New to town? Ask the Doc about his favorite spots!